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Sandy Iro

Fitness Shero 

"Empowering The Shero From Within..."

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Hi, I’m Sandy

Certified Fitness Trainer and Personal Coach.

As a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast, I'm best known for my fun and innovative ways to get women to feel empowered from within through movement. My passion to change women’s lives in the simplest and most realistic way is personal. Let's start with training today!

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Introducing Fitness Shero...

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Do you find yourself getting bored with the same workout routine and want to switch it up?

Do you want life-changing results that go beyond looks?

Are you feeling stuck and need the motivation to move?

I specialize in helping women break the cycle of up and down weight, behavioral blocks, and food issues – without being miserable in the process. My mantra is simple: health is a feeling of empowerment from within.

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